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Organic Chemistry

The researchers of the Organic Chemistry Section carry out cutting-edge research in various areas, actively participate in knowledge transfer, support companies in our environment and strive to provide quality training to students of various degrees, masters and doctoral programs.

Our Section is open to students and researchers interested in actively working in these areas and to professionals and companies who want to establish a collaboration with the academic environment in order to face the new challenges that our society poses.


Organic News
20 of June, 2024

Albert Gandioso has been awarded a Beatriz y Galindo Grant and will join our Section

Albert Gandioso, a current researcher at the University of Marburg, has been awarded a Beatriz Galindo Grant and will join our Section in the near future. Our warmest congratulations for such a distinction an welcome to our Section!

Inorganic NewsOrganic News
18 of June, 2024
New Call for Department Grants for the next course 2024-2025.
The deadline is September 17, 2024. For further information, visit here.
Inorganic NewsOrganic News
15 of May, 2024

Welcome to the Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry!

Our website has a new look! We are pleased to show our activities in teaching and research in a new modern coat. Head over to the Section of Inorganic Chemistry to see the colorful chemistry of metals, or over to the Section of Organic Chemistry to see what kind of intriguing compounds can be created with a backbone based on carbon. Do you wonder how we can help in your training? Just visit the pages in which we inform about our Degree, Master, and PhD Studies. Do you want to know about our research? Have a look at our research pages and find out what each research group does. Interested in using any of our characterization / analysis techniques? Head over to the services page!

If you are looking to join us, do not hesitate to contact the department head, or one of our group leaders! Still not finding what you are looking for? Send us an email and we will try to answer your queries as soon as possible!

Organic News
10 of May, 2024

New PhD student with a grant from the Organic Chemistry Section

Yaiza Martínez, a new researcher awarded a Predoctoral Grant of our Section, has just joined the Bart Limburg group. Welcome!


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